The company "Instell" performs the professional design of "Smart Home" systems on a turn-key basis.
The term "turnkey design" refers to the development of an intelligent complex with a detailed miscalculation of the configuration and all components, the definition of the budget, and the preparation of documentation on the basis of which the installation will be carried out.

Each project carried out by our specialists is individual and created from scratch. Only with this approach can you take into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer, as well as the specifics of the object.
The company "Instell" is engaged in designing not only on newly constructed objects. Our specialists will help to find the optimal solution with minimal interference in the interior of the facilities with already finished decorations.

The package of the project documentation "Smart Home" includes:

• Explanatory note with pictures and tables.
• Structural diagram of the Automated Building Management Mystem (ABMS).
• Schemes of individual installations and subsystems of ABMS (for example, ventilation or air conditioning).
• Floor plans with the distribution of ABMS networks, multiroom systems, security systems, equipment installation places and automation panels (cabinets).
• Floor plans with network wiring and equipment installation locations for each ABMS subsystem.
• Layout of the equipment in the automation panels (cabinets).
• Schemes of electrical circuit boards (cabinets) of automation.
• Complete specification.
• Cable magazine.
• Description of the functioning algorithms of the Building Management System, (ABMS).
• User's Manual and Operating Instructions for the equipment in Russian.

Terms necessary for the creation of the project "Smart Home"

  • Terms of the project are individual for each object, depending on the functionality of the system of each individual object and the wishes of the customer.
  • As a result, the customer receives an efficient Smart Home system, easy to manage and maintain. Each project provides the maximum functionality for extending the system in the future.
  • The company "Instell" has many years of experience in the design and creation of "Smart Home" systems. Behind each stage of work are high-quality specialists, able to fully implement all the wishes and ideas of customers using modern advanced technologies.