Smart security systems

Security systems

Your home is under reliable protection! Smart security systems installed by Instell control the internal space of house and nearby territory, notify you when someone enters or exits, and reacts immediately, if necessary.
All security equipment and cable networks are combined providing comprehensive protection for your family. In emergency situations the integrated security system is activated and automatically reacts by blocking the exits and entrances, turning on the lights, alarming, alerting the owner and security service company, or, for example, activating fire extinguishing system in case of fire.

With latest smart automation and security technologies your home is constantly connected and protected. The possibility of remote monitoring and control of house allows you to travel around the world without worrying about what's going on at home. Remote control is one of the main advantages of advanced security systems. Video from surveillance cameras can be viewed remotely on-line and recorded for later viewing. So you may feel the usual comfort and absolute tranquility not only at home, but also being on the beaches of the Mediterranean.

"Instell" offers wide range of security solutions, engineering and integration of access control, video surveillance, automated door locks and other innovative systems for luxury residential and commercial properties. A customer, who has decided to buy a video surveillance system or an integrated security system, gets the opportunity to monitor the house in any place with the help of personal gadgets.

Our experience from the implemented projects allows us flexible and individual programing for protection and notifying signals. The gradual expansion of the security system functionality is available and may be used for updating and addition of new elements of security equipment.

Functions and opportunities

Access control to the house space and nearby area;
The additional access control for “sensitive” premises (home theater, gun room);
Automatic door locks;
Water / gas leakage monitoring systems;
Automatic fire extinguishing systems;
Video surveillance;
Security alarm;
Lighting control to simulate the presence.