Solutions for business: hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants, sports clubs

Create a memorable experience for your guests with modern innovative solutions from Instell. The latest technologies for audio, video, LED-lighting, motorized shading, climate control are integrated together. It's easy to deliver requested entertainment programs at the screens and turn on the music from different sources. Sound and video playback is provided by an interface that is convenient for all your staff. The intensity of light is as easily adjusted by one button, or automatically, using the specified options of programmed lighting. Sun protection systems in the daytime and landscape lighting in the evening will also enhance the comfort of your visitors in open-air areas.

Depending on industry and your business specifics, we create a personal solution that allows you to manage systems with access from one central panel, several panels in different zones or remotely from a phone or tablet. With smart technologies, you are one step ahead of competitors in using your commercial space. There are always opportunities to start automating your restaurant or hotel from one or several zones during the initial construction phase and the replanning, rebranding as well. Learn innovative products from "Instell" and make your business more profitable and more attractive for customers!

Possibilities and functions can be operated

Full coverage of the premises by the network and advanced data exchange
View sports online and in good quality
You and your customers will be under the protection of security, access control systems
A background sound or a big party in your hotel, cafe and restaurant will delight visitors and create an unrivaled atmosphere
Karaoke system
Such systems will allow to attract a new customers to your bar, restaurant and leave unprecedented impressions
Projectors and screens
Organize corporate events, conferences in your hotel, and our projectors will help convey information in the best quality.


  • Easy management for you and your staff
  • Flexibility of integration, the ability to adapt for your business specifics
  • Energy saving and control of operating costs
  • Remote control over the business with your smartphone