Office Solutions

Automation systems in the office are technologies for the benefit of your business. You get the opportunity to control the consumption of energy resources, work time, access control, video surveillance. In a single whole we integrate all engineering systems of the office: from modern power supply to dispatching and conference communication. Solutions for office automation can be completely different, unique, adapted to your corporate culture and style.

The engineering networks for meeting rooms and meeting rooms designed in the last century are definitely incomparable with modern innovative solutions for offices. Easily create a calm, work environment with functions for controlling light, climate, audio and video. At the end of the working day, the only button turns everything off, lowers the curtains and activates the security system. While away from the office, monitor the situation in the office remotely, get notifications from alarm systems, watch video surveillance cameras with your smartphone.

Premises for presentations and teamwork and meeting rooms are designed for meetings aimed at sharing and providing ideas through various wired and wireless tools, including laptops, mobile devices, stationary computers and cable television systems.
The systems installed in the videoconference halls provide excellent audio and video communication, so that local and remote users can conduct meetings to exchange ideas and collaborate without experiencing any discomfort due to geographical constraints.

Get together with colleagues, control simple multimedia presentations, conference room, videoconferencing, make far-sighted decisions and do successful business!

With Crestron .AV Framework, you can easily deploy simple, scalable Crestron Enterprise Room solutions without programming. Deployment in several rooms? It can not be simpler. Just save the configuration in a standard XML file. Then pull it out to hundreds or even thousands of rooms right on the net. We even provide sample files that you can edit and save before installation so that you can start and start at power on.


Multimedia presentations
Conference call for meeting rooms
Monitoring and optimization of energy consumption
Accounting of staff time
Control and access control
Lighting control
Climate control
Selection of sources and displays