Stating up, programming, ajustment


After the design and configuration phase, in parallel with the installation work of the Smart House system, we come to the next stage - programming and setting up the system.
"Smart House" is a complex system, but it has great potential. In order for the system to know how to act in this or that situation, it needs software. The specialists of the company "Instell" approach to writing software individually for each client. There is no specific template. You are free to choose the interface, scripts, up to the functionality of each control key. We just send to the right decision on each specific issue.

All programming and configuration work is carried out at the company's office. The system comes to the object already configured and it only has to be adjusted. This significantly reduces the time for completion of work, because for this you do not need to wait for the completion of installation work.
In the process of setting up the Smart Home system, all the engineering systems of the facility are linked to a single management center. At this stage, the well-coordinated work of all related contracting organizations is important to obtain a single, high-quality and multifunctional system.

Scenarios, which are discussed with the customer at the design stage, are checked first. Then the whole system is tested for endurance and reliability. After we make sure, everything works correctly, we teach the customer how to manage the system. Upon completion of the system setup, the customer receives the operating instructions for the system.

List of works

  • Programming the environment
  • Debugging the CPU
  • Ethernet network setup
  • Setting up a Wi-Fi network
  • Programming LED controllers
  • Configure smart management scripts
  • Implementing links between multimedia
  • Configuring and optimizing the operation of engineering systems
  • Testing the whole object